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Why Do I Feel So Bad?

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Also available in French, Chinese Traditional (Cantonese) and Chinese Simplified (Mandarin)

Why Do I Feel So Bad?
By Dr. Chris Williams

Want to know what makes you tick? This booklet helps you understand how your responses to outside events can affect your thoughts and feelings. It shows how thoughts can lead to sadness, tiredness, and even illness. This booklet also shows you that by recognizing what’s happening, you can begin to feel more in control of your thoughts and feelings so that you can feel good again. 

Pourquoi je me sens aussi mal ?

Vous voulez savoir comment vous fonctionnez ? Ce livret vous aide à comprendre comment vos réactions aux situations extérieures peuvent changer vos pensées et vos sentiments. Il montre comment une seule pensée triste altérée peut entraîner la tristesse, la fatigue, et même la maladie. 
Dimensions: 14 X 21.5 cm
Pages: 16

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